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2011 ECC English Summer Camp
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  • Date2011-04-25
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Notice from ECC of the dept. of Humanities & Arts


2011  ECC English Summer Camp


1. Purpose:
Offering English courses for KSA students who want to improve their English


2. Period
1st session: June 13, 2011(Mon) ~ June 24, 2011(Fri) 
2nd session: July 4, 2011(Mon) ~ July 15, 2011(Fri) 
※ Please only choose one session.   


3.  Participants

KSA freshmen, juniors and seniors with limited English skills


4. Camp Contents
 1) Class: 5 courses per day (each course 70 minutes)
- June Session: Speaking, Listening, Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary
- July Session: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading, TOEFL, Vocabulary
 2) Evening Activities
 3) Camp Schedule & Course Description: See the attachment


5. Fee
248,800 won (room & board including Saturday & Sunday) 


6.  Enrollment Period: April 25, 2011 (Mon) ~ April 29, 2011(Fri) 17:00


7. How to sign up
※ Please send me your information of the camp session you would like to participate in /student #/current English subject with a teacher’s name. 
※ Enrollment will be accepted in order of application (total 48 students per a session).   


If there're any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Minhye Jung at 051-606-2138 or drop by the 3101 office. 

Thank you.


Min Hye Jung
Dept. of Humanities & Arts (ECC)  

Tel. 051-606-2138